Think Global - Act European IV. Thinking Strategically about the EU's External Action

Within the context of reinforced global interdependence, the European Union needs to develop more strategic thinking in order to react to the tectonic changes occurring on the international scene. To anticipate the negative spillover of the euro crisis on the EU's international influence and avoid the progressive marginalisation of Europeans on the global scene, the EU needs to equip itself with an integrated strategy for the European external action. The fourth edition of the Think Global - Act European (TGAE) project, directed by Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute, brings together 16 European think tanks, to examine the new challenges faced by the EU's external action and formulate a number of key policy proposals on: the promotion of European economic interest worldwide, a sustainable management of strategic resources, the demographic and migration challenge, neighbourhood policy and defence capacities. These proposals, from over 40 experts from all over Europe, call for the EU to address its coordination problems and solicit the need for a new paradigm for EU's external action based on a strategic rethinking of the EU's interests, its means, and ultimately its raison d'être.

Recommendations of 16 European think tanks, elaborated in the framework of the Think Global - Act European (TGAE) IV project, coordinated by Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute. IAI contributions to the project: policy papers No. 67 (Darnis) and 68 (Comelli), and synthesis report (Comelli, p. 191-196) of Working Group IV's papers presented at the IAI seminar, Rome, 11 October 2012.

Paris, Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute, April 2013, p. 311
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Foreword, by Pascal Lamy and António Vitorino
Key Recommendations
General Synthesis, by Elvire Fabry
Part 1. EU Economic Governance: Leveraging European Interests on the Global Scene
Synthesis, Daniela Schwarzer, by Federico Steinberg
Europe's trade strategy: Promise or Peril?, by John Springford, Richard Youngs
Towards a transatlantic market?, by Pawel Swieboda
How can the EU promote its economic interests with China?, by Agatha Kratz, Jonas Parello-Plesner
Towards a common external representation for the euro area?, by Daniela Schwarzer, Federico Steinberg, Diego Valiante
Strengthening EU Presence in Global Financial Regulation Reform, by Filippa Chatzistavrou, Dimitris Katsikas, Yiannis Tirkides
Part 2. EU Natural Resources: Towards Sustainable and Strategic Management
Synthesis, by Sami Andoura, Nadège Chambon
Meeting Europe's resource challenge within and beyond EU borders, by Annika Ahtonen, Andrea Frontini
The role of gas in the external dimension of the EU energy transition, by Sami Andoura, Clémentine d'Oultremont
Promoting low-carbon energies in Mediterranean Partner Countries, by Gonzalo Escribano
An external strategy for European agriculture. Meeting food security and environmental challenges, by Nadège Chambon
Saving emissions trading from irrelevance, by Stephen Tindale
Part 3. EU Migration Strategy: From Zero to Positive Sum
Synthesis, by Yves Pascouau
Migration: a neglected challenge for saving the European welfare state, by Hans Martens
EU Migration policy after the Arab Spring: The pitfalls of Home Affairs Diplomacy, by Sergio Carrera, Leonard Den Hertog, Joanna Parkin
The EU performance in the global competition for highly-skilled migrants, by Andreas Ette, Roderick Parkes, Alicia Sorroza, Carmen Gonzales Enriquez
Mobility Partnerships: a convincing tool for the EU's global approach to migration?, by Thanos Maroukis, Anna Triandafyllidou
The migration-development nexus: time for a paradigm shift, by Ruby Gropas
Part 4. EU Neighbourhood: A Renewed Opportunity
Synthesis, by Michele Comelli
Potential and limits of EU policies in the Neighbourhood, by Michele Comelli
The EU neighbourhood competence under Article 8 TEU, by Christophe Hillion
The Missing Spring in the EU's Mediterranean Policies, by Haizam Amirah Fernández, Timo Behr
The EU in the East: too ambitious in rhetoric, too unfocused in action, by Lucia Najšlová, Vera Rihácková, Olga Shumylo-Tapiola
The EU and Turkey in the Southern Neighbourhood: A new opening?, by Adam Balcer
Part 5. EU Defence: The Capabilities and Credibility Conundrum
Synthesis, by Daniel Keohane
Strategic priorities for EU defence policy, by Daniel Keohane
Where does CSDP fit in EU foreign policy?, by Nick Witney
Will Europeans ever agree on the use of military force?, by Jan Techau
How to maintain hard capabilities in times of budget cuts?, by Ronja Kempin
The European defence industry's future: how European?, by Jean-Pierre Darnis
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