About us

We are a private, independent non-profit think tank, founded in 1965 on the initiative of Altiero Spinelli. We seek to promote awareness of international politics and contribute to the advancement of European integration and multilateral cooperation. We are part of a vast international network, and interact and cooperate with the government and its ministries, European and international institutions, universities, major national economic actors, the media and the most authoritative international think tanks.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision: We envision a world of democratic freedoms and fair and sustainable development through European integration and international cooperation.
Our Mission: We are an independent research institute seeking to deepen understanding, foster debate and propose solutions to the challenges facing European and international policy-makers.


The IAI is an association established in 1980 as a moral entity by decree of the President of the Republic. The Institute is directed by a President and a Director, as well as by a Steering Committee and an Executive Committee that define the activities and programs of the Institute and follow its progress.
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As of May 2017, the IAI has entered into a phase of overall renewal inspired by a generational turnover, renewed management posts aiming at defining new responsibilities for senior researchers, and a greater gender balance. Among the many improvements, we have focused on revival of the newsletter, publication of the IAI Commentaries series, realization of a series of podcasts on various topics, as well as training activities and new services for members.
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Staff & management

The institute’s scope encompasses topics of strategic relevance such as European integration, security and defence, international economics and global governance, energy, climate and Italian foreign policy; as well as the dynamics of cooperation and conflict in key geographical regions such as the Mediterranean and Middle East, Asia, Eurasia, Africa and the Americas..
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The research staff is made up of some 35 researchers, including area and project directors.
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The administrative, secretarial and communications departments are supported by a staff of 17 people.
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The Institute’s library, founded in 1965, contains over 27,000 volumes and 110 current serials.


Over the years we have formed an extraordinary network of national and international relations. We collaborate on a regular basis at international level with the European Commission, the European External Action Service, the European Defence Agency, NATO and OSCE; and at national level with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Universities and Research, Parliament and the Bank of Italy.