PESCO, opportunities and challenges

With 23 of the EU's current 28 member states joining the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), the European Union took a major step towards a further integration and created the main framework for a security and...

Palestine, IAI talks with Minister Al Malki

Is time running out for a two-state solution? According to the Foreign Minister of the Palestinian National Authority, Riad Al Malki...

The state of play of EU's energy transition

The electric transport revolution, the increasing attention paid to energy efficiency, the Juncker's Plan of investments in the field: these central steps in the...


Imposing Middle East Peace: Why EU Member States Should Recognise Palestine

Dimitris Bouris, Daniela Huber
IAI Commentaries 17|25

Material Factors for the MENA Region: Energy Trends

Emanuela Menichetti, Abdelghani El Gharras, Sohbet Karbuz
MENARA Papers Working Papers 5

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The international spectator

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Free Ties that Bind: Dynamics of Group...