EU, Juncker's vision for a bigger Union

Delivering his annual State of the Union address, Jean-Claude Juncker called for a more integrated Europe and set out ambitious proposals for its future reform: a Eurozone Finance Minister, a single elected EU President...

Myanmar’s Bloody Road to Democracy

The United Nations call on Myanmar to end violence against Rohingya, the Muslim minority who lives in Buddhist-majority ...

Tis, the future of the liberal order

The uncertain future of liberal democracy in the West, due to the rise of authoritarian capitalism in the East, is one of the subjects addressed...


Investigating Cognitive and Normative Frames of Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Stakeholders on Migration and Mobility Issues, in Their Relations with the EU

Emanuela Roman, Ferruccio Pastore, Irene Ponzo, Noureddine Harrami, Marouan Lahmidani
MedReset Papers Methodology and Concept Paper 6

Juncker's Last Hurrah

Riccardo Perissich
IAI Commentaries 17|16

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The international spectator

Vol. 52, No. 3, September 2017

Free Reformist China and the Future of the...